Commercial Services

Save time and hassle. Let us come to you!

Industrial vehicles and machines need cleaning too. We know it’s not practical for you to come to us, so get our mobile cleaning unit to come to you. We will do everything from camp shacks to helicopters.

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Exterior Services

Bring the shine back to your vehicle.

The harsh conditions during our Grande Prairie winters, and the dust and gravel in the Peace Country summers are hard on your vehicle’s exterior. We can get it looking more like new again and protect it from the elements with our protective coatings.


Interior Services

The “Quickie Clean” or the “Complete Detail”

If you need vehicle to be cleaned right down to every nook and crevice, or just a regular quick clean to keep it looking good, bring it in to us. We can have it done in a few hours.


Complete Protection

Rust Inhibitor, Paint Protection

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